Hydrojelly Mask VS. Sheet Masks

Are you thrilled about finally finding truly natural face masks, but not sure what type of mask you’ll like best? While we’re willing to bet you’d love both hydrogel and sheet masks, we’ve come up with a quick rundown of similarities and differences between the two mask collections. Good luck choosing just one!

Our masks are free from synthetic preservatives (such as parabens), cheap fillers, and diluted active ingredients. We never use fillers like plain water, which often makes up over 65% of typical cosmetic formulas. As is the norm for us, all of our natural face masks are free of artificial fragrances, chemical preservatives, harsh detergents and unhealthy, toxic, or aging ingredients. Every single ingredient we use, from pomegranate oil to guava, is an ingredient found in nature or derived by a natural process.

sheet mask vs. hydrogel mask

2 Types of Natural Sheet Masks -- What’s the Difference?

The beauty of hydrogel masks and Korean sheet masks is that they’re both designed to infuse nutrients into your skin over an extended period of time. Both natural face masks are packed and soaked in potent serum solutions, which are delivered directly onto skin and deeply absorbed while you wear the mask. But while the benefits are similar, these masks have different ways of working.

100% PURE Hydrogel Sheet Masks

The base of our hydrogel mask material is composed of 2 organic face mask ingredients: 95% aloe water and 5% plant cellulose. This hydrogel mask base is soaked in a serum solution, and when worn, transfers the serum deep into skin. But because of this natural face mask’s material, the hydrating aloe and cellulose are slowly sucked up by your skin. As you wear the mask, your skin absorbs both the serum and the extra drink of hydration from the mask itself! This will slowly shrink and shrivel the hydrogel mask, demonstrating how the water content is being transferred from the mask, into your skin. This transference of water from 95% organic aloe juice also gives our hydrogel masks a refreshing and soothing cooling sensation on your skin -- perfect post-sauna or after sunny summer outings!

100% PURE Korean Sheet Masks

Our authentic Korean sheet masks are drenched in super potent serum formulas, and will not become thinner on your skin as you wear them. These natural face masks don’t provide the intense cooling effect of our aloe-based hydrogel masks, because they’re composed of sustainable, earth-friendly bamboo fiber. However, using super soft bamboo cloth means that after being drenched in their plant-based serum, these expertly formulated Korean sheet masks will cling to every inch of your face for full contact serum delivery. If your skin is very dry, the sheet mask will become dry towards the end of the session, letting you know that all of the serum has been absorbed.

bamboo fiber sheet mask

Korean Sheet Masks

Our founder and Chief Creative Ambassador Susie Wang grew up in a Korean home where taking exceptional care of your skin was a part of daily life. In Korea, the beauty routine is a meditative ritual, and sheet masks - often used as a follow up to a serum - are a valued part of the process. Using Susie’s upbringing as inspiration, we developed the best Korean sheet masks possible. Our sheet masks are made from a sustainable antibacterial bamboo cloth drenched in serum with skin benefits such as deep hydration from hyaluronic acid, reducing the appearance of wrinkles with vegetable-derived retinol, or brightening the skin with fermented rice water (sake) to name a few.

wrinkle smooth sheet mask infographic

Our Korean sheet masks are made with targeted natural ingredients. We refuse to use any of the silicones or alcohols used in conventional serum formulas, since we’re looking to soothe and nourish skin; not dry it out. This unique collection of natural face masks includes something for every skin type! Making your choice depends on your skin care needs. Our Korean sheet masks feature: ginseng, vitamin C, and retinol for boosting collagen; cucumber, hyaluronic acid, and aloe for hydrating dry skin; tea tree, salicylic acid, and parsley for calming acne; CoQ10, retinol, and vitamin C for lessening wrinkles; and finally sake, retinol, and vitamin C for an all-around brightening, tightening, and restorative anti-aging treatment.

100% PURE Caffeine Mask

Hydrogel Sheet Masks

Each of our hydrogel masks is made from organic aloe juice and plant cellulose, making them gentle enough for any skin type and totally biodegradable. Cellulose is the organic polymer that makes up the primary cell wall of plants, and is what we use to keep our masks bonded together. Organic aloe juice is a soothing anti-inflammatory and ultra hydrator, making it an ingredient that any skin type will love. Hydrogel masks start with this super skin nutritious duo as their base, and pack on the targeted ingredients for collagen boosting, soothing sun damage, or deeply replenishing dry or tired skin.

100% PURE Ginseng Mask

We designed our hydrogel sheet masks with organic face mask ingredients that will deeply replenish skin’s moisture barrier. In addition to the mega hydrating organic aloe juice and vegetable cellulose in this natural mask formula, we’ve soaked these jelly-textured masks in some seriously skin healthy serums. Our hydrogel sheet masks feature: ginseng, vitamin C, and royal jelly for plumping and boosting collagen; aloe, green coffee, and seaweed for soothing red, inflamed, or sun damaged skin; green tea, aloe, and calendula for hydrating dry skin; and last but not least, matcha, aloe, and cucumber for hydrating and awakening eyes.


Spa Tips for Using a Natural Sheet Mask

Before you begin you magical masking journey, you’ll want to first cleanse the face and exfoliate the top layer of your skin. This primes your skin to absorb the greatest amount of serum from any type of mask. We recommend using the Charcoal Clay Cleanser followed by the award-winning Acai Pulp Facial Scrub. The Charcoal Clay Cleanser will gently cleanse and pull out impurities (dirt, excess oil) while providing moisturization with seaweed extract. Crushed acai in the Acai Pulp Facial Scrub slough off the top layers of the skin to reveal glowing, soft and luminous skin. Now you’re ready for your 20 minutes (or more) of sheet mask relaxation!

For our Korean sheet masks, founder Susie Wang recommends using these in a dry infrared sauna so that you can allow your body to detox while you beautify your skin. Our hydrogel masks are nothing short of divine after stepping out a steamy shower or sauna -- better yet, why not drape a super cooling hydrogel mask over your face while soaking in a warm bath? Where you wear these masks is pretty much up to you. Keep in mind that our Korean sheet masks will cling tightly to your face, while the hydrogel mask formulas might slip and slide if you attempt your yoga pose while wearing them. We recommend forcing yourself to enjoy some R&R while you wear these masks, preferably in a comfy, reclined position with some hot tea or good book in hand.

Once your hydrogel mask has begun to shrivel or your Korean sheet mask has begun to dry out, remove your mask and discard. Massage the leftover serum into skin of your face, neck, and decollete -- do not rinse! Follow up with a moisturizer to seal in the nutrients from your mask serum.