Looking for a whiter smile? We can lighten and brighten your teeth by up to 7 shades in under 1 hour. Achieve dentist quality results without the ridiculous price tag.

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Cya laser has over 5 years experience in whitening teeth, we have used many different techniques and we can now say confidently that using the best quality products and technology you can trust us to listen and achieve the results you desire. We treat each client as a individual, we are honest and passionate we aren’t here to make a quick dollar we are here to help people feel a certain way that only a white smile can achieve.

Over the many years of whitening teeth we have made up one treatment plan that we have tested 1000s of times and have found it’s achieves the best results.


A 65 minute treatment which should achieve 5-7 shades lighter
You then will be educated in after care and given a take home touch up pen.

We Highly recommend a follow up treatment
4-6 weeks later to lock in the colour for longer lasting results.

Regular touch ups are required to maintain results every 3-6 months depending on the individuals lifestyle

Book & Pay for your second session upfront to receive $150 off your second treatment.

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